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More than ever, the globalisation of markets leads to the requirement to implement electronic business processes efficiently and flexibly.

The increased number of EDI connections worldwide implies the provision of the corresponding human, hardware and software resources.

Outsourcing seemed to be the best strategy but statistics show that the costs for external procurement cannot economically prove this assumption.

In addition, outsourcing has led to the dilution of this segment in recent years, which is not always conducive to the original idea of electronic data interchange.

Are you familiar with these automated, impersonal admission procedures with weeks of e-mail chains in which you try, step by step, to advance your EDI project with constantly changing contact persons in charge of distributed tasks for small sub-areas?

Process were more productive, more efficient and faster in the past due to EDI contact persons who had deep insight into the business processes of one's own company, the industry and the EDI standards.

Against this background, companies with internal organised EDI clearing are more competitive.

EDIfacilities stands for personal in-house project management from a single source since 1999.

The CEO, Hermann Seip, has launched into the world of electronic data interchange in 1992 and founded EDIfacilities – electronic data interchange consulting & customizing SARL in 1999.

30 years of experience in the automotive, retail, banking and transport industries have made EDIfacilities a valued partner for the efficient and effective implementation of EDI projects.

Our extensive contacts to your potential EDI partners for the benefit of our customers.

Integration Concepts

International Standard Mappings:

ANSI X.12, CSV, EDIFACT, Flatfile, and more

Multiple Database Mappings:

embed as many of your datasets as you like

Robust professional communication-adapters:

AS/2, OFTP2, SFTP, SMTP, X.400, and more

- Easy to integrate -


IDE like Solution Designer

IDE like Dataset Designer

EDI-Service Plugins

Drag & Drop Mapping-Designer

Cross Platform ODBC Access

Inhouse Installation - not exposed to a cloud

- Easy to learn -

Build Your EDI-Applications with Fully Integrated C# IDE.

Our experience in countless EDI projects led us to the realization that it is time to create a development tool that meets the requirements of an integrated development environment (IDE) using an established programming language C#.

Our product intelliEDI® was created in the years 2008 – 2009 and has impressed with its robustness and expandability over the years.

intelliEDI® has become one of the most feature-rich mapping tools on the market.

Create your data structures, datasets and mappings with our Solution Designer similar to the IDE in MS-Visual Studio. The integrated graphical DataSet Designer allows native access to your database environment via ODBC. Map graphically with our mapping designer by drag & drop and supplement your code with conditions, loops or other. Add code snippets dynamically and let the integrated IntelliSense guide you safely through your source code.

Whether direct mapping or mappings for proprietary interfaces, intelliEDI® will convince you with its range of functions.

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